The virtual slide collection of the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences (CPS), Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia (UBC) began in 2004 through the combined efforts of Dr. William Ovalle (former Director of Histology) and Monika Fejtek (Digital Media, CPS), with funding from the UBC Medical Undergraduate Program (MDUP) Dean’s Office. The initial efforts involved digitizing the existing light micrograph glass slide collection in CPS, which had been developed over the previous (approximately) thirty years in the former Department of Anatomy at UBC.

Since the initial efforts to digitize our slide collection, the following people have contributed to the light microscopic virtual slide collection in one manner or another: Dr. Andrew Farr (University of Washington), Dr. Jason Ford (former Pathology Program Director for Undergraduate Medical Education, UBC), Dr. Blair Gage (former Ph.D. student, CPS), Dr. Tim Kieffer (Professor, CPS), Dr. Sean Maurice (Assistant Director of Histology, Northern Medical Program, UBC MDUP), Dr. Karen Pinder (Director of Histology, UBC MDUP), Mr. George Spurr (WaxIt Histology Services Inc., Vancouver) and Dr. Heather Yule (Part-Time Instructor, CPS). We also thank Metha Kijsawangwong (Computer Network Manager, CPS) and Vladimir Lasmarias (AV Specialist, MedIT) for the creation of this webpageWe thank them all for their valuable contributions.

If we have inadvertently omitted the name of a contributor to our virtual slide collection, kindly accept our apologies and email k.pinder at to bring that person(s) to our attention.