Against Discrimination and Racism in all Forms


Official Statement

The Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences (CPS) condemns all racist action and inaction that continually threatens the wellbeing of Black lives, Indigenous lives, LGBTQ lives and the lives of all marginalized groups.

Discrimination and racism in all its forms is antithetical to a flourishing, free and equal society. It cannot be tolerated. In the wake of world-wide protests calling for long-overdue justice, CPS is committed to taking actions to address entrenched and institutionalized racism in meaningful and lasting ways.

The CPS community, including Faculty, staff and leadership, will discuss the concrete actions we can deploy alongside, and in support of, UBC and the Faculty of Medicine to create a better work environment for current and future members of our community; and to properly represent those who call the Department home.


CPS Action Plan

To address discrimination and racism, CPS will begin with the following steps:

  • Form a Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (REDI) with the mandate of reviewing current curriculum, teaching, mentoring, hiring and research practices for racial and gender biases, and develop and deploy effective solutions for what they find;
  • Ensure that all initiatives, activities and implemented changes are informed by, and founded upon, the best evidence-based, peer-reviewed scholarship and concrete strategies in the field of racism and marginalization in academia;
  • Create space and mechanisms, including seminars, to actively listen to and understand the experiences of racialized students, staff and faculty;
  • Provide funding to develop initiatives that facilitate dialogue concerning discrimination and racism;
  • Provide our faculty, staff and students with resources to connect, align and collaborate with all REDI efforts across campus to ensure that we are adding tangible value to those initiatives which are already active and expanding on those efforts through our own programs;
  • Establish a list of measurable and relevant key performance indicators, as outlined by the current literature on implicit bias and social identity, that can be tracked and reported on annually;
  • Recognizing that there are many inequities that limit participation, such as family and caregiving responsibilities or that some racialized and marginalized people are often asked to overcommit time to committees, develop multiple avenues to participation that provide and account for these limitations; and
  • Commit to an annual review and augmentation of the above actions so that we are always holding ourselves accountable to our goal of continuous improvement toward an equitable and inclusive culture.
  • Work with the newly created office of Assistant Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Medicine and the opportunities it affords to address systemic discrimination and racism.

Real change can only happen over the course of committed and sustained action; this is just a beginning. The CPS community will continue to educate ourselves and our partners as we push for an equitable academia for all.