The D. Harold Copp Lecture

The D. Harold Copp Lecture is a UBC Faculty of Medicine sponsored lectureship that arose in November 1996 through donations from the Medical Research Council of Canada and the Wolfe and Gita Churg Foundation. Named after the late Doctor D. Harold Copp, the Copp Lecture is hosted each year by the Faculty of Medicine and speakers are nominated by members of the faculty, and selected by the Copp Lecture committee.

Recent Lecture

April 5th, 2024 – 3 PM in LSC 1

Dr. Ramanujan Hedge, Ph.D

Head, Cell Biology Division MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory Cambridge, United Kingdom

Past Lectures and Recordings

202319th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Pieter R. Cullis, Ph.D – Founding Director, Centre for Drug Research and DevelopmentLipid Nanoparticle Systems for Enabling Gene TherapiesLink
202218th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Ph.D – Howard Hughes Medical InstituteSecretory Pathway Ultrastructure, Dynamics & Diverse RolesLink
202117th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Linda Partridge, Ph.D – Founding Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, GermanyAging: a Gut FeelingLink
202216th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Vishva M. Dixit, M.D. – Genentech, Inc., San Francisco, USAWhy So Many Ways to Die? The Non-Cannonical Inflammasome PathwayLink
201915th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Gökhan S. Hotamişligil, M.D., Ph.D – Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, MA, USAMetabolic Biology of the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Health and DiseaseLink
201814th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Nahum Sonenberg, M.D. – Genentech, Inc., San Francisco, USATranslational control of cancer and brain diseases via the mRNA cap-binding protein, eIF4ELink
201713th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Thomas Südhof, M.D., Ph.D – Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USATowards a molecular logic of synaptic connections: Neurexins and their ligandsLink
201612th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Nancy C. Andreasen, M.D., Ph.D – Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, IA, USAThe Creative BrainLink
201511th D. Harold Copp LectureDr. Peter Walter, Ph.D – Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, MA, USAUnfolded Protein Response in Health and DiseaseLink