Graduate Programs

The Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences graduate program in Anatomy & Cell Biology was closed to new admissions effective January 2008. Graduate-level education and research leading to M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees is now predominantly in multidisciplinary graduate programs. A particular advantage of these programs is that they are able to draw on contributions from faculty members representing multiple Departments in several Faculties to offer their students a coherent educational program embodying contemporary interdisciplinary themes.

Given the diversity of research conducted by members of the Department, the potential range of research topics available to graduate students is very large. The choice of which multidisciplinary graduate program to register in is decided by the research supervisor in consultation with the student and takes into account the topics and methodologies that are of most relevance to a student’s specific area of thesis research as well as his or her individual background and goals.

The majority of students who are supervised by CPS faculty members are registered in the Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology or the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. Other multidisciplinary programs of potential interest are the Genome Science and Technology Graduate Program and the Graduate Program in Bioinformatics. Each of the programs have different admission and coursework requirements although all are research intensive and students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) are expected to engage in original and significant thesis research in the laboratory of their supervisor(s). Further details can be found at the Programs’ own websites: