LSI Seminars

LSI Seminar schedule

September 1, 2023Dr. Zhao Zhang Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology

Duke University
“Chasing the Jumping Genes: From Making Fly Eggs to Cancer Therapy”Dr. Ethan Greenblatt3-4PM
LSC 1003
September 15, 2023Dr. Jessica Feldman Associate Professor
Department of Biology

Stanford University
“Building patterns in cells during development”Dr. Kenji Sugioka
September 22, 2023Dr. Nozomu Yachie Associate Professor 
School of Biomedical Engineering 

University of British Columbia
“HD Video Recorder of the Cell”Dr. Calvin Yip
October 13, 2023Dr. Christophe LamazeDirector of Research, INSERM
Department of Cellular & Chemical Biology
Institut Curie, France
“Remote Control of Signalling through Caveolae Mechanics: A New Paradigm in Mechanotransduction”Dr. Robert Nabi3-4PM
LSC 1003
October 20, 2023Dr. Joy RichmanProfessor
Faculty of Dentistry

University of British Columbia
TBDDr. Jessica Rosin
November 3, 2023Dr. Andre Le BivicDirector of Life Sciences at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)TBDDr. Robert Nabi
November 10, 2023Dr. Brenda AndrewsProfessor
Department of Molecular Genetics

University of Toronto
TBDDr. Christopher LoewenCANCELLED
January 12, 2024Dr. James OlzmannAssociate Professor
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology

University of Berkley
“Cellular Mechanisms of Lipid Homeostasis: From Lipid droplets to Ferroptopsis”Dr. Ethan Greenblatt
January 19, 2024Dr. Alex DunnAssociate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering

Stanford University
“Mechanotransduction of cell-cell junctions: beyond the usual suspects”Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Postdoc Association3-4PM
LSC 1003
February 2, 2024Dr. Kathy McCoyProfessor
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

University of Calgary
“Microbiome and Regulation of Immune Function: Defining Mechanisms”Dr. Lisa Osborne
February 9, 2024Dr. Timothy WaiMitochondrial Biology Group
Head CNRS Research Director

Institut Pasteur and CNRS
“Mitochondrial Membrane Dysfunction and Sequelae”Dr. Hilla Weidberg3-4PM
LSC 1003
March 15, 2024Dr. Ardem PatapoutianDepartment of Neuroscience
Scripps Research Institute
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator 

Nobel laureate 2021
TBDLSI Trainees
March 22, 2024Dr. Jason ShepherdAssociate Professor of Neurobiology
Adjunct Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy

University of Utah
TBDLSI Trainees – Part of LSI Research Day
April 5, 2024The 20th Copp Lecture
Dr. Ramanujan Hegde
Group Leader

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
TBDDr. Robert Nabi
April 12, 2024Zoology McClintock Lecture
Dr. Bob Goldstein
Department of Biology

University of North Carolina
TBDDr. Kenji Sugioka
April 19, 2024Dr. Melody CampbellAssistant Professor
Basic Sciences Division

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
TBDDr. Guy Tanentzapf
April 26, 2024Dr. Jared RutterProfessor
Department of Biochemistry

University of Utah
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
TBDDr. Hilla Weidberg