Departmental Seminar Series 2015-2016



Date Speaker Institution Title Host Time/Place
17  J. Johnson  Professor, CPS, UBC Control of cellular proliferation and plasticity by protein synthesis load  S.Clee  12:30 PM / LSC3
8  Neil Cashman Prof, Brain Research Ctr
Scientific Director, Prionet, UBC
Origami gone awry: Protein misfolding in disease S.Bamji  12:30 PM / LSC3
15  Nicole Templeman PhD Candidate
Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology, 
Johnson Lab
 Effects of insulin gene dosage on murine obesity and lifespan J.Johnson  12:30 PM / LSC 3
22  Chris Smendziuk PhD Candidate
Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology, Tanentzapf Lab
Bi-directional, gap junction-mediated soma-germline communication during spermatogenesis G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
29  Liisa Galea Distinguished University Scholar and Professor
Department of Psychology
 Of Mice and Men and Women: Estrogens, androgen and healthy brain aging S.Bamji  12:30 PM / LSC 3
12  Erika Bach Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
NYU School of Medicine
How social interactions control stem cell self-renewal and differentiation G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
19  Cheryl Wellington Professor
Department of Pathology and 
Laboratory Medicine
Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer’s Disease: Progress and Perspectives S.Clee  12:30 PM / LSC 3
26  Peter Lansdorp Scientific Director
European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
Guanine quadruplex structures, stem cells and genome stability  C.Roskelley  12:30 PM / LSC 3
10  Leonard Foster Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Centre for High-Throughput Biology
Exploring rearrangements in the interactome following apoptosis – segregation of caspase activity and complex disassembly  C.Loewen  12:30 PM / LSC 3
 7  Rick Horowitz Executive Director
Allen Institute
 The Allen Institute for Cell Science: Integrated and multi-scale, spatial-temporal cell biology G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
14  Ed Conway MD, PhD, MBA | Director, Centre for Blood Research (CBR) Professor, Faculty of Medicine |Division of Hematology |UBC | Canada Research Chair in Endothelial Cell Biology  Rediscovering clinically relevant ancient links between coagulation and complement  S.Clee  12:30 PM / LSC 3
21  David Granville PhD, FAHA
Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC  Director, GEM Facility, St. Paul’s Hospital, UBC
 Granzyme Serine Proteases in Wound Healing and Chronic Disease  S.Clee  12:30 PM / LSC 3
4 Julian Guttman Associate Professor at SFU
Cellular Microbiology
CIHR New Investigator Award
Using bacterial pathogens to uncover novel functions of host proteins G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
18 Michael Roberge Professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine
Chemical suppressors of nonsense mutations for treatment of genetic disorders and cancer G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
MARCH 2016
3 Guy Tanentzapf Associate Professor
Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Gaps and barriers: how cell junctions shape stem cell-niche communication  12:30 PM / LSC 3
10 Anthony Brandt PhD Candidate
Dr. Allan Lab
Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Extreme specificity: How to turn on a gene in only six brain cells. D. Allan  12:30 PM / LSC 3
17 Georgia Perona Wright Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Faculty of Medicine
Activation of immune cell networks in intestinal infections G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
24 Wayne Vogl Professor
Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
A subcellular machine involved with sperm release and turnover of the blood-testis barrier in the mammalian testis G.Tanentzapf  12:30 PM / LSC 3
APRIL 2016
7 Gerardo Morfini
Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Illinois-Chicago
Mechanisms and molecular components mediating axonal pathology in Huntington’s disease S. Bamji  12:30 PM / LSC 3
14 Marco A.M. Prado Professor
Robarts Research Institute
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Novel mechanisms of neuronal and cognitive failure in Alzheimer’s disease C. Naus  12:30 PM / LSC 3
28 Thomas White Professor
Department of Physiology & Biophysics
School of Medicine
Stony Brook University
Connexin hemichannels in congenital skin disorders  C. Naus  12:30 PM/ LSC 3
MAY 2016
4 Michael Koval
Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology
Emory University School of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine and Department of Cell Biology
Regulation of intercellular junctions in lung disease – the disruptive effects of bad actors C. Naus   2:00 PM/ LSC 3
12 Leo Ng PhD exit seminar  Molecular mechanism of cyclic nucleotide action on HCN pacemaker channels E. Accili  12:30 PM / LSC 3
JUNE 2016
15  Orion Weiner  Professor, CVRI & Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UCSF  Signal Integration During Immune Cell Migration  M. Gold  12:30 PM / LSC 3
21  Nancy Adreasen  Copp Lecture  The Creative Brain  4:00 PM/
JULY 2016
20  Jim Woodgett  Professor and Director of Research of the-Tanenbaum Research Institute Mount Sinai Hospital  Dissecting signaling specificity: why promiscuity is not what it seems  P. Johnson 12:00 PM/
25  Philip Battherham  Professor, BioSciences, University of Melbourne  Systems Biology of Insecticide Resistance in Drosophila melanogaster  E. Rideout  12:30 PM/
11  Richard Minshall  Professor, Anesthesiology and Pharmacology, University of Illinois at Chicago Caveolin-1 Tyr14 Phosphorylation as a Molecular Switch Controlling Swelling and Release of Caveolae and eNOS/Src Signaling  I. R. Nabi  12:30 PM / LSC 3