Our Stories

Our Stories

Click Polygon 2 to listen to interviews from those directly impacted by the UBC Body Donation Program.

Drawing of Kate Fitzsimmons smiling

Kate Fitzsimmons
2nd Year UBC Medical Student

“It was really amazing to me that the last people to spend time with my grandparents would have been my now called colleagues. And knowing who they are and what they are like, there are very few people that I would trust or want to be the last people to see my grandparents.”

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“For many people, myself included, this is the first time you are interacting with a patient, with a body, with someone that has a history of experiences, and has lived a long life. I think you learn a lot in that process on how to be respectful to those individuals, how to be respectful with your peers, and I think that's the first moment, at least in Medical school, where I have a heightened responsibility in society.“

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Drawing of Army Alam

Army Alam
4th Year UBC Medical Student

Drawing of Dr. Oyedele

Dr.Olusegun Oyedele
Associate Professor of Teaching

“If I could sum up the Body Donation Program in one word… I would say legacy. I think that's one word that I would use because it's almost profound. Profound how death results in life.”

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“I would like people to know that we're here for you. If it's something that you might consider for yourself, you think you might like to give back in that way, you probably have some questions about how that works, and what happens with your body, and I want people to be reassured.

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Drawing of Matt Tinney

Matt Tinney
Manager Gross Anatomy Lab