Heartfelt Images 2014

Heartfelt Images, the annual CardiacBlock Art Contest for Medical and Dental students at UBC (all distributed sites) just wrapped up it’s 14th year. The contest started as a photographic contest in 2001 and now encompases all forms of artistic expression. The Heartfelt Images website is www.heartfelt.med.ubc.ca and it represents over a decade of artistic expression representing cardiac physiology, anatomy, and pathophysiology.
In 2014 we had 49 submissions that included sketches, paintings, sculptures and textiles. The top three winners this year (see attachment) illustrates what can happen when learning is allowed to be expanded outside the box. All student artists must include an artist statement. The judging is done online and includes representatives from all over the province (all four sites: VFMP, NMP, IMO and SMP).


1st Place: Artistic Fibrillation by Bhavik Mistry (VFMP)

Heartfelt Images - Artistic Fibrillation
Artist Statement:
The painting describes how the heart functions. The eye is first drawn towards the left, representing blood through a network of capillaries flowing from its initial source, the aorta. The heart (black), kept alive by coronary arteries (red), is able to contract following a ‘wave’ of depolarization that is detectable by an ECG trace (white).


2nd Place: Light Hearted by Quinn Gentles (NMP)

Heartfelt Images - Light Hearted
Artist Statement:
“Before cardiology block I always thought of the heart as basically a pump. But the more we learned about the motion, complexity and conduction of this organ the more it really came alive for me in a new way. More than anything I wanted to capture that energy in this image.”


3rd Place: Heartful Shopping by Evan Woo (VFMP)

Heartfelt Images - Heartful Shopping
Artist Statement:
The condition of our heart is revealed by what we feed ourselves.. The phrase “you are what you eat” has origins in 19th century France and Germany. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that it took on the meaning we have come to know today. This piece embodies the concept that our cardiovascular health is determined by our food choices.