• Course Director:  Gross Anatomy, Year 1 Dentistry
• PBL Tutor:  Years 1 and 2 Medicine
• Lecturer:  PHYL 301 and PHYL 424, Undergraduate Physiology
• Laboratory Presenter:  Gross Anatomy, Years 1 and 2 Medicine and Dentistry

I have been actively involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning, with a specific focus on problem-based learning (PBL). My current interests include:
• The nature and prevalence of difficult incidents encountered in PBL tutorials
• The impact of cultural contexts on student-reported conflict in PB
• The Teaching Perspectives among PBL tutors
• The feasibility of peer facilitation in PBL curriculum

Recent Publications

Chan, L.C., Yip, A.L.M., Beh, S.L., and Kindler, P.M. Student-reported difficult incidents and interventions in PBL: Does cultural context matter? Submitted to Med Teach (February 2011).

Kindler P, Grant C, Kulla S, Poole G and Godolphin W. 2009. Difficult incidents and tutor interventions in problem-based learning tutorials. Med Ed 43(9):866-873.

Kindler, P. 2009. Active student engagement in problem-based learning through peer facilitation. Tapestry 54:12-13.

Krebs, C., Kindler, P. and Doroudi, M. 2007. Dissector for the Fundamentals of Body Design (The Gross Anatomy Component of the Fundamentals of Human Design), Year 1 Medicine, MD Undergraduate Program, UBC.

Conference Presentations

Kindler, P. and Jang, K. 2010. Second year medical students as peer facilitators in PBL tutorials: a recipe for success? Proceedings of the 14th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), New Orleans, USA.

Chan, L.C., Yip, A.L.M., Beh, S.L. and Kindler, P.M. 2010. Students’ Perceptions of Difficult Incidents and Interventions in Problem-Based Learning Tutorials. 1st Asia-Pacific Joint PBL Conference, Taipei, Taiwan.

Kindler, P., Pratt, D. and Collins, J. 2009. Clinicians vs. Basic Scientists: Teaching Perspectives of Problem-Based Learning Tutors. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), Leiden, The Netherlands.

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