Departmental Seminar Series 2018-2019



Date Speaker Institution Title Host Time/Place
September 6 No Seminar
September 13 No Seminar
September 20 Dean Dermot Kelleher Dean of Medicine, UBC

Lymphocytes Impact on Cellular Programming in Immunity and Cancer

Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
September 27 Janel Kopp CPS, UBC Cellular origin affects the phenotype of pancreatic ductal
adenocarcinoma cells
Dr. Rideout 12:30 pm, LSC3
October 4 No Seminar
October 11 No Seminar
October 18 Joy Richman Department of Oral Health Sciences, UBC Working at the interface of biology and mathematical modeling to understand cell behaviour in the face Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
October 25 Shernaz Bamji CPS Regulation of synapse formation and plasticity by palmitoylating enzymes Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
November 1 Fabio Rossi UBC-BRC Stromal progenitors homeostasis, inflammation and regeneration Dr. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
November 8 Sheila Teves UBC-Biochemistry Transcriptional memory through the cell cycle  Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
November 15 Elizabeth M Simpson BC-CMMT Two Gene Therapy Stories – MiniPromoters for rAAV and CRISPR for Blindness Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
November 22 Bruce Verchere BC-CHRI Biomarkers and triggers of beta cell dysfunction in diabetes Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
November 29 Benjamin Freedman University of Washington Modeling Physiology and Disease with Multi- Dimensional Kidney Organoids  Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
December 6 Hakima Moukhles CPS Understanding the Mechanisms Regulating Aquaporin 4 Function in Health and Disease Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
December 13 Amy Walker UMass Med School Methylation: a modification linking metabolism, gene regulation and metabolic health Dr. Stefan Taubert 12:30 pm, LSC3
December 17 Madeline Hayes Harvard Medical School Using Wnt/Planar Cell Polarity (Wnt/PCP) to define tumor stem cells in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma Dr. Guy Tanentzapf 12:30 pm, LSC3
December 20 No Seminar
December 27 No Seminar
January 3 No Seminar
January 7 Ghazaleh Ashrafi Weill-Cornell Medical College Powering the Synapse on Demand Dr. Eric Accili 12:30 pm, LSC3
January 9 Leonardo Almeida-Souza MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology How to build an Actin Network at Clathrin-Coated Pits Dr. Robert Nabi 2:30 pm, LSC3
January 10 Alvin Powers Vanderbilt University Pancreatic Islet Biology, Function, and Dysfunction: Surprises and Lessons for Diabetes Diabetes Research Group 12:30 pm, LSC3
January 14 Hyun Cheol Roh Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Adipocyte cellular plasticity in physiology and disease Dr. Timothy Kieffer 12:30 pm, LSC3
January 17 Pete Jones University of Otago, New Zealand Regulation of intracellular Ca2+ release in the heart”  Dr. Edwin Moore 12:30 pm, LSC3
January 24 No Seminar
January 31 Yojiro Yamanaka McGill University Modeling ovarian cancer in mice Drs. Roskelley/Huntsman 12:30 pm, LSC3
February 7 Andrea Wills University of Washington Remodeling chromatin and transcription during vertebrate regeneration Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
February 14 Shane Duggan UBC/Medical Genetics Inflammation and an intestine-like differentiation programme underlie the cellular origins of esophageal adenocarcinoma Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
February 21 Amina Zoubeidi UBC/Prostate Center Cellular plasticity in treatment resistant prostate cancer Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
February 28 Brian Oliver NIH/NIDDK Genomics of the single chromosome Drs. Rideout/Tanentzapf 12:30 pm, LSC3
March 7 Anthony Gramolini University of Toronto Analysis of mouse and human cardiovascular tissues using global and phosphoproteomic approaches Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
March 14 Sarah Kucenas University of Virginia Unwrapping Glial Diversity in the Vertebrate Nervous System Dr. Vanessa Auld 12:30 pm, LSC3
March 21 Karla Williams University of British Columbia Extracellular vesicles and invadopodia: Providing insight into disease progression and targets for therapeutic development Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
March 28 Whisstock Monash University Structural Studies of Macrophage Immune Effectors Using Cryo-EM Dr. Calvin Yip/CBR 12:30 pm, LSC3
April 4 Carolyn Brown UBC/Medical Genetics X-chromosome inactivation: Epigenetics and eXeptions Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
April 11 Sevan Hopyan Sick Kids Approaches to studying morphogenesis in the mammalian embryo Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
April 16 Gökhan S. Hotamişligil Harvard University THE 15TH D. HAROLD COPP LECTURE SPEAKER – “Metabolic Biology of the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Health and Disease” Dr. Robert Nabi 4:00 pm, LSC2
April 18 Lucy O’Brien Stanford University Collective cell dynamics during organ renewal Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
April 25 Laura Alonso UMASS med “The beta cell ER stress tipping point: from proliferation to failure” Diabetes Research Group 12:30 pm, LSC3
May 2 CELL RETREAT-No Seminar
May 9 Larry Zipursky University of California Los Angeles
Zoology McClintock seminar
Dr. Kota Mizumoto 12:30 pm, LSC3
May 16 Shalina Ousman University of Calgary AlphaB-crystallin and the injured peripheral nervous system Dr. Hakima Moukhles 12:30 pm, LSC3
May 23 Honglin Luo UBC/Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Enterovirus-induced proteotoxicity: connection between heart and neuronal disease Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30 pm, LSC3
May 30 Subhojit Roy University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research “Manipulation of Intracellular Trafficking as Therapeutic Avenues in Neurodegenerative Diseases” Dr. Shernaz Bamji 12:30 pm, LSC3