Date Speaker Institution Title Host Time/Place
May 5, 2023

The 19th Copp Lecture

Dr. Pieter Cullis


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of British Columbia

“Lipid Nanoparticle Systems for Enabling Gene Therapies”

Dr. Ivan Robert Nabi

3-4pm/LSC 3

April 28, 2023 Dr. Peter Walter

Professor and Chair

Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

University of California




March 31, 2023 Dr. John Burke


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Victoria


Dr. Calvin Yip

3-4pm/LSC 3

March 24, 2023 Dr. Heidi Mcbride


Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery

McGill University

“Insights into mitochondrial vesicle formation and links to disease”

Dr. Hilla Weidberg

3-4pm/LSC 3

March 9, 2023 Mitchell Braam

PhD Student

“Bioprocess and cell line engineering to improve pancreatic endocrine differentiation and increase safety of pluripotent stem cells”

Dr. Timothy Kieffer

1-2pm/LSC 3

February 24, 2023 Dr. Julia Cordero


Local and Systemic Functions of the Intestine in Health and Disease

The Beatson Institute Research Groups

University of Glasgow

“Reciprocal gut/body signaling during intestinal heal and disease”

Dr. Elizabeth Rideout

3-4pm/LSC 3

February 17, 2023 Dr. Ruth Lehmann

Professor of Biology

Director, Whitehead Institute


“Translational regulation in germline condensates”

Dr. Ethan Greenblatt

3-4pm/LSC 3


February 03, 2023 Dr. George Church

Professor of Genetics

Professor of Health Sciences and Technology (MIT)

Founding Core Faculty and Lead Synthetic Biology

Harvard University


“tRNA-code: Resistance to all viruses.  Tropism-Code: Delivery  TF-code: Cell types”


LSI Joint Seminar Committee


January 27, 2023 Dr. Geraldine Seydoux

Huntington Sheldon Professor in Medical Discovery Professor

Molecular Biology and Genetics

John Hopkins Medicine

“Assembly and function of RNA granules in germ cells”

Kenji Sugioka



January 13, 2023 Dr. Clemens Cabernard

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

University of Washington

“Cell and mechanobiology of asymmetric cell division” Dr. Kenji Sugioka

3-4pm/LSC 3


January 06, 2023 Dr. Christopher Overall

Professor and Canada Research Chair.

Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences.

Centre for Blood Research.


“The Cellular coup d’etat executed by SARS-CoV2 proteases to escape autophagy and ISG innate defenses” Dr. Jessica Rosin 3-4pm/LSC 3
November 25, 2022 Dr. Zabrina Brumme


Faculty of Health Sciences

Simon Fraser University

Hitting a moving target: how understanding HIV reservoir dynamics can help advance HIV cure research LSI Joint Seminar Committee 3-4pm/LSC 3
November 10, 2022 Dr. Susan Shao

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Harvard Medical School

Harvard University

Mechanisms of membrane protein quality control Dr. Hilla Weidberg 3-4pm/LSC 2
October 28, 2022 Dr. Khanh Dao Duc

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Associate member of the Departments of Computer Science and Zoology

University of British Columbia

Investigating the heterogeneity of ribosomal dynamics and structures Dr. Mark Cembrowski 3-4pm/LSC 3
October 17, 2022 Dr. Morgan Fullerton

Associate Professor

Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology


University of Ottawa

“Immunometabolism as a regulator of atherosclerosis, parasite and diabetes” Dr. Elizabeth Rideout 2pm/LSC 3
October 14, 2022 Dr. Nadine Caron


Northern Medical Program

University of Northern British Columbia

“Silent Genome Project”

Dr. Lindsay Rogers,

Assistant Professor of Teaching,


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

3-4pm/LSC 3
October 07, 2022 Dr. Matthew McCallum

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Veesler lab

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

University of Washington

“Using cryoEM to reveal sites of vulnerability for viral entry” Dr. Natalie Strynadka 3-4pm/LSC 3
*postponed* Dr. Karen Mossman

Professor and Vice President Research

Department of Medicine

McMaster University

“Innate immunity in bats: what can we learn to combat future pandemics” Dr. Ninan Abraham TBD
September 16, 2022 Dr. Kat Milligan-McClellan

Assistant Professor

Molecular and Cell Biology

University of Connecticut

“Adapting an evolutionary model organism for host-microbe studies” Dr. Carolina Tropini

Zoom Seminar

(registration link to be emailed to the seminar community)