Drosophila Facility

The LSI Drosophila Facility brings together all UBC Drosophila researchers into a single fully-equipped laboratory area (~1500sq.ft) dedicated to housing and ‘pushing’ flies. The Facility has ~16 fly-pushing stations with microscopes and centrally-piped CO2, four large environment rooms for housing strains at stable temperature and humidity, a fume hood for mutagenesis, and numerous single lab stock rooms for the isolated storage of lab strains. The Facility also has a fully-equipped kitchen for making fly food, including a 50L steam kettle and Droso-Fillers for rapidly cooking large batches of fly food. The Facility is situated next door to the LSI Flow Cytometry Core Unit that greatly facilitates cell sorting from Drosophila.
There are currently six Drosophila labs that utilize the Drosophila Facility  (Drs. Allan, Auld, Brock, Gordon, Grigliatti, Tanentzapf), as well as three collaborating labs (Drs. Accili, Numata, O’Connor) that take advantage of Drosophila in specific lab projects. These researchers have well-funded research programs focusing on fundamental mechanisms of gene regulation, neural circuitry and physiology, behavior and the mechanisms of cell adhesion in development and disease.
As a focal point for these laboratories to house and ‘push’ their flies, this Facility offers a uniquely collaborative and lively environment that truly enhances inter-lab interaction, exposes trainees to a wide range of Drosophila techniques and promotes open sharing of technical and intellectual resources.

Image 1 - Drosophila Facility
Image 2 - Drosophila Facility
Image 3 - Drosophila Facility
Image 5 - Drosophila Facility
Image 4 - Drosophila Facility