Cell and Developmental Biology


We focus on how single cells integrate signals and differentiate into complex multicellular organisms and tissues. The goal of CELL is to understand the fundamental nature of these cellular interactions and to consider how these interactions may be disturbed in various developmental disorders. Of particular interest to CELL is to understand the development of the nervous system and to identify the underlying causes of neurological disorders like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, Stroke and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, as well as uncovering the molecular defects that cause congenital problems in nervous system development. Researchers in CELL have developed sophisticated animal model systems that mimic these disease syndromes and use the state of the art Centre for Disease Modeling that is an integral part of the LSI infrastructure. Our combined research efforts to uncover fundamental mechanisms of development and to discover the etiology of neuronal disease is aimed at the development of future therapeutic applications for treatment of these disorders.

Janel Kopp   Christopher Loewen   I. Robert Nabi    Calvin Roskelley    Guy Tanentzapf    T. Michael Underhill    A. Wayne Vogl    Hilla Weidberg