Guy Tanentzapf, Professor

Post Doctoral Fellowship: Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
PhD: Department of Zoology, The University of Toronto
B.Sc. (Honours), Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics, The University of Toronto

Telephone: 1.604.877.4334
Email : tanentz@mail.ubc.ca
Lab website: www.tanentzapf-lab.com
Lab Twitter: twitter.com/tanentzapflab

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About the Tanentzapf Lab
Our Lab is Interested in understanding how cell junctions contribute to animal development and to the regulation of stem cell behaviour.  Our primary interest is in answering question in developmental and cell biology. In particular we are interested in how animal tissues develop and maintain their complex three dimensional architecture. Our lab is multidiscplinary and uses approaches that span the fields of genetics, cell and developmental biology, quantitative high resolution imaging, biochemsitry and molecular biology, and systems biology.
R e c e n t P u b l i c a t i o n s
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Further publications can be found here.