Departmental Seminar Series 2019-2020



Date Speaker Institution Title Host Time/Place
August 1 Sandra Mooney The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Nutritional Interventions Ameliorate Cognitive Behaviour Deficits in a Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” Dr. Joanne Weinberg 12:30pm, LSC3
August 29 Ralf Schnabel Technical University of Braunschweig “Pattern formation: Cell focussing by dancing cells not only in C. elegans?” Dr. Don Moerman 12:45pm, LSC3
September 5 Stephanie Ellis The Rockefeller University “Survival of the Fittest: How Cell Competition Shapes the Emergence of Form and Function in Complex Epithelia” Dr. Guy Tanentzapf 12:45pm, LSC3
September 12 Timothy Kieffer Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC “Cell Therapy for Diabetes Using Differentiated Stem Cells – from Bench to Clinical Trials” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
September 19 Victor Ambros UMass Medical School

“MicroRNA pathways and developmental timing in C. elegans”

Dr. Kota Mizumoto 12:45pm, LSC3
September 26 Elitza Tocheva Microbiology & Immunology, UBC “Studies of the bacterial cell envelope using cry electron tomography” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
October 3 Claudia Krebs Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC “Extending and augmenting the classroom experience – how emerging media can transform education” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
October 10 Mary MacDougall Dean of Dentristy, UBC “Molecular and genetic factors that regulate development and maintenance of tooth roots” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
October 17 Carolina Tropini Microbiology & Immunology, UBC “Connecting gut microbiota biogeography to function” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:30pm, LSC3
October 24 Anastassia Voronova Medical Genetics, University of Alberta “Brain and skull morphogenesis: implications for neurodevelopmental disorders and neuroregeneration” Dr. Douglas Allan 12:45pm, LSC3
October 31 Cheryl Wellington Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC “New Insights into the Role of Lipoproteins in Alzheimer’s Disease” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
November 7 Annie Vogel Ciernia Biochemistry, UBC “Epigenomic Signatures of Altered Neuroimmune Function in Autism” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
November 14 Stefan Taubert Medical Genetics, UBC “Regulation of metabolism and stress adaption by the Mediator complex in worms and mice” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
November 21 Thomas Simmen Cell Biology, University of Alberta “Adaption and Remodeling of Mitochondria-Associated Membranes” Drs. Loewen/Nabi 12:45pm, LSC3
November 28 Ali Bashashati OVCARE, BC Cancer/UBC “AI and Computational Biology Driven Discoveries in Gynecological Cancers” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
December 2 Heiko Lickert Helmholtz Zentrum München, IDR “Beta cell development, heterogeneity and regeneration” Dr. Timothy Kieffer 11:00am, LSC3
December 5 Geoff Scheibiger Chemistry, UBC “Towards a mathematical theory of developmental biology” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 11:00am, LSC3
December 12 Greg Fairn University of Toronto “Lipid switches and signals during the life cycle of the phagosome, peptidoglycan sensing, and Crohn’s disease” Dr. Christopher Loewen 12:45pm, LSC3
December 26 No Seminar
January 2 No Seminar
January 16 Jesse Chao University of British Columbia “A premalignant cell-based model for functionalization and classification of PTEN variants” Dr. Christopher Loewen 12:45pm, LSC3
January 23 Søs Skovø University of British Columbia “Beta-cell specific insulin resistance promotes glucose-dependent hyperinsulinemia” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
January 30 Marie Kmita University of Montreal “How-mediated pattering: from specificity to diversity” Dr. Douglas Allan 12:45pm, LSC3
February 6 Alison Holloway McMaster University “Diabetes and Depression: Role of antidepressants?” Dr. Elizabeth Rideout 12:45pm, LSC3
February 13 Gabe Murphy University of Washington “Cell types, and the specificity of synaptic connectivity and singling between them, in primary cortex” Dr. Mark Cembrowski 12:45pm, LSC3
February 20 Anna Moroni University of Milan “Engineering K+ channels for long term inhibition” Dr. Eric Accili 12:45pm, LSC3
February 27 Eric Jan UBC “Insights into viral strategies that hijak host cell functions” Drs. Rideout/Kopp 12:45pm, LSC3
March 5 Gary Yellen Harvard Medical School “Mechanisms of metabolism-induced resistance to epileptic seizures” Drs. O’connor/Accili 12:45pm, LSC3
March 12 Sarah Cohen UNC School of Medicine “Organelle dynamics and lipid trafficking” Dr. Robert Nabi 12:45pm, LSC3
March 19 Graham Diering UNC School of Medicine “The stuff that dreams are made of: remodeling synapses during sleep” Dr. Tim O’Connor 12:45pm, LSC3