If you are not sure about the Faculty of Science second year application process please read the following link.  Decisions regarding admission to CAPS Honours specialization are made after students complete their winter term in second year Science. Please read the admissions procedures carefully.  Pay close attention to the Summary of Minimum BSc Program Requirements at UBC.

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What are the course requirements for the undergraduate Honours Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences program at UBC?

As of summer session 2013 ANAT 390, ANAT 391 and all undergraduate PHYL courses have been renamed to CAPS courses with equivalent numbers.

For students entering their second year in the Faculty of Science in the academic year 2013-2014 or later, the program requirements are:

First Year
Communications Requirement1 6
BIOL 112, 1212, 140 8
CHEM 121, 123 (111, 113) 8
MATH 100 or 102 or 1044 3
MATH 101 or 103 or 1054 3
Total Credits 34
Second Year
BIOL 200, 201 6
CHEM 205 3
CHEM 211 4
CHEM 233, 235 4
MICB 202 3
Electives 15
Total Credits 35
Third Year
BIOC 301, 302 6
BIOL 3006 3
CAPS 301, 303, 390 12
Electives 12
Total Credits 33
Fourth Year
CAPS 421, 422, 423, 424, 426 15
CAPS 4307 6
CAPS 4497 6
Electives 3
Total Credits 30
Credits for Degree 132
1. A total of 6 credits of coursework is required to meet the Communication Requirement. ENGL 112 is recommended. For a full list of acceptable courses see the Communication Requirement. SCIE 113 or SCIE 300 may be used to satisfy part of the Communication Requirement but not part of the 18-credit Arts Requirement.
2. Students lacking Biology 12 must take BIOL 111 before taking BIOL 121.
3. MATH 180 or 184 or 120 may substitute for any of the specified differential calculus courses listed by decreasing the electives by 1 credit. MATH 110 may be substituted for any of the specified differential calculus courses listed by decreasing the electives by 3 credits.
4. MATH 121 may substitute for any of the specified integral calculus courses listed by decreasing the electives by 1 credit.
5. Students must take 3 credits of PHYS in addition to PHYS 101.
6. Students should note that they may obtain credit for only one of the introductory courses in statistics listed under Credit Exclusion Lists.
7. Students will normally be required to take CAPS 430 and 449 in the same Winter Session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does your department offer a Majors program in addition to the Honours program?


Do you recommend any specific electives?

Students are encouraged to take any electives that interest them.

When are decisions regarding admission to the program made?

The decisions are made in mid May of second year, after all the applicants’ winter session marks from second year become available on the online transcript.

Can I do a minor in another program while in Honours Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences?

Yes, but we ask that you finish your Honours requirements in your first four years and if necessary take an additional year to complete your minor requirements. Depending on the minor program you have in mind, you may be able to do both in four years. Please note that you must have approval from the Faculty of Science as well as the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences to complete a minor program.

Do I have to complete 30 credits in every Winter session?

Yes, however, if the coming winter session will be your last and you will graduate in May, then you do not need to carry 30 credits to remain in an honours option. You need only as many credits as are required to fulfil all degree requirements. That provision is part of the normal regulations for honours options (see UBC Calendar). Otherwise, 30 credits are required.

Do you consider extracurricular activities in determining admission to the program?