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Mason - AwardsUBC Killam Teaching Prize 2014

Barry Mason
Senior Instructor in the Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences


Kieffer - AwardsUBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Medical Research Lecturer (DMRL) Award 2014

Award recognizes distinguished research career, recognition in the medical community and effective contributions to student educational growth

Timothy Kieffer
Professor in the Departments of Cellular & Physiological Sciences


KindlerUBC Faculty of Dentistry Teaching Award 2014

Award recognizes contributions to the educational programs in the Faculty of Dentistry

Pawel Kindler
Senior Instructor in the Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences



Killam Research Fellowship 2013

James Johnson
Associate Professor in the Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences



Award of Excellence in Mentoring Early Career Faculty 2013

2013-2014 CPS Research Awards – Researcher of the Year

Timothy Kieffer
Professor in the Departments of Cellular & Physiological Sciences



2013-2014 CPS Research Awards – Postdoctoral Researcher of the Year

Jenny Bruin



2013-2014 CPS Research Awards – Grad Student Researcher of the Year

Carol Yang



2012-2013 CPS Departmental Awards Researcher of the Year

Kurt Haas



2012-2013 CPS Departmental Awards Postdoctoral and Research Scientist Award

Mary Pines



2012 UBC Killam Teaching Prize

Kenneth Baimbridge



2012 Dr. William Webber Award

Carol-Ann Courneya



2011 Outstanding Educator Award

Majid Alimohammadi



2011 Novo Nordisk Award

Jim Johnson



Canadian Diabetes Association Doctoral Student Research Award

Frank Huynh
Supervisor: Dr. Tim Kieffer



2010 Canadian Diabetes Association Young Scientist Award

Timothy Kieffer
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NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (PhD)

Tamara Bodnar
Supervisor: Dr. Joanne Weinberg



Heather Denroche
The role of leptin in glucose homeostasis.
Supervisor: Dr. Tim Kieffer


Stephanie Ellis
Investigation of the cellular mechanisms that control diverse interactions between integrin and talin during development.
Supervisor: Dr. Guy Tanentzapf


Nicole Templeman
Metabolic responses of working skeletal muscle to acute and chronic hypoxia.
Supervisor: Dr. Jim Johnson



CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship Award (MSc)

Andrea Globa
The role of b-catenin stabilization in synaptic plasticity and chronic addiction.
Supervisor: Dr. Shernaz Bamji


NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship (MSc)

Vivian Lam
Supervisor: Dr. Joanne Weinber



College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award (PhD)

Parisa Asghari
Dynamic distribution of myocyte ryandine receptors (RyR).
Supervisor: Dr. Ed Moore


College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award (MSc)

Michael Bround
Molecular and functional consequences of cardiac ryanodine receptor deletion.
Supervisor: Dr. Jim Johnson


Michelle Chan
Mitogenic effects of insulin in pancreatic cancer.
Supervisor: Dr. Jim Johnson



Christopher Smendziuk
Innexin4 mediates stem cell differentiation and survival in the Drosophilia germline.
Supervisor: Dr. Guy Tanentzapf



Four Year Fellowship (PhD)

Gai Ban
Supervisor: Dr. T Michael Underhill



Michael Fairchild
A genome wide screen for cytoskeletal regulators of stem cell differentiation in Drosophilia testes identifies a sumor suppresor function for profiling.
Supervisor: Dr. Guy Tanentzapf


UBC Affiliated Award (MSc)

Alexander Perkins
An RNAi screen in Drosophila melanogaster to identify genes involved in maintaining tissue architecture.
Supervisor: Dr. Guy Tanentzapf