Claudia Krebs, Professor of Teaching

MD, PhD (Cologne, Germany)

Office: 604-827-5694


T e a c h i n g
Director of Gross Anatomy
– Instructor in Fundamentals of Body Design
– Development of a lab dissector for 1st year medical students together with Drs. Pawel Kindler and Majid Doroudi
– Development of a pilot study to integrate anatomy with imaging
– Development of 3D animations to teach gross anatomy
– Oversight of the Body Donation Program
– Supervision of staff in the Gross Anatomy Lab
– Review of all applications for the use of anatomical material in education and research
Co-Chair of the Brain and Behaviour block (FMED 426)
The Brain and Behaviour block is the longest block in the MD Undergraduate curriculum; it is 9 weeks long and covers the basic science underlying both neurology and psychiatry. I co-chair the block together with Dr. Jehannine Austin from the Department of Psychiatry. During this block I teach all neuroanatomy labs. Inspired by these labs I have developed a neuroanatomy website ( that contains a comprehensive web atlas, quizzes and a video library of 3D animations of deep brain structures.
Residency Training
Many residents come through our anatomy facility to review the anatomy relevant in their specific field. I have taught residents from the radiology, surgery and obstetrics/gynecology programmes in the gross anatomy lab. I also give presentations to neuropsychiatry residents to review the neuroanatomy with them.
P u b l i c a t i o n s
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Further publications can be found here.
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